• I prefer working with high quality photos, because they’ll give me more freedom to work with.
  • Please don’t send me blurry or watermarked photos.


  • I’ll take 50% of the payment once I accept your order and 50% after the final header has been sent.
  • Payment must be done via Paypal.
  • Extra costs for any transfers are on the sender, not me.


  • A fee of $5 will be added for orders that need to be ready in 24 hours.
  • All other orders will be sent a preview in a week (7 days). (I have a full time job as a designer and some weeks are hell, I’ll try to warn you in advance if it’s likely that I’ll take longer).
  • In case you’re not happy with the result, I’ll be needing extra days to send you another preview.

Refunds & Premades

  • If you change your mind about the order or final payment fails, no refund of the 50% will be issued and your header will become a premade.


  • Please give me credit somewhere on your website.

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